Profiles of Innovative State Programs: Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Health Services,

Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health

 Healthy Homes Toolkit 


The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) provides a variety of resources on how to recognize and address indoor health hazards. In 2021, several agency programs worked together with non-profit organizations to create a toolkit and outreach program for promoting healthy homes during National Healthy Homes Month, which is observed in June each year. Although the toolkit is specific to Wisconsin, it provides information that may be useful in other jurisdictions as well.


Why is this Project Important? 

Homes can contain a variety of environmental health hazards, many of which are difficult for residents to recognize. These hazards can be found in any home, no matter the age, and are linked to negative health outcomes such as asthma and lead poisoning. Sharing coordinated information about healthy homes can help increase residents’ awareness of potential hazards so they can better protect themselves and their families. The Wisconsin DHS toolkit helps leverage existing resources to make healthy homes outreach as effective as possible during National Healthy Homes Month. 


What Materials Were Developed?

DHS published the Healthy Homes Toolkit to assist agencies and organizations in promoting indoor environmental health. The toolkit offers educational materials on housing and health equity; the eight elements of a healthy home; and links to relevant resources. It also supports consistency in messaging around healthy homes by providing language for social media posts, news releases, and a proclamation for observing June as Healthy Homes Month. While these sample messages are written specifically to promote National Healthy Homes Month, they could be customized for different times of year and audiences. In addition, the toolkit provides tips on how state agencies can engage with local partners, such as hosting a webinar or working with school districts.


How Can You Learn More?

Get the Healthy Homes Toolkit and other healthy homes information from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services at:

Email the Wisconsin DHS Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health at: