Legionella Management in Building Water Systems

Developments in State Policy




Citation210 Il. Stat. 45/3-206.06; 210 Il. Stat. 85/6.29.  77 Il. Admin. Code 250.1100 (hospitals); 77 Il. Admin. Code 340.1337 (veterans' homes) ; 77 Il. Admin. Code 330.792 (sheltered care facilities) 

Available:  Statute; Rules 

Summary Illinois law and rules require Legionella testing of certain facilities, and rules require the facilities to have a water management plan.

Key Provisions:

Requirement for a Water Management Program. Illinois law requires hospitals and nursing homes to develop a policy for testing their water supply for Legionella bacteria, including the frequency of testing, and to make the policy and test results available to the Department of Public Health on request. The Department of Public Health has adopted regulations requiring the policies to be based on specified ASHRAE and CDC publications. The regulations further require the policies to include, at a minimum, a procedure to conduct a facility risk assessment to identify potential Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in the facility water system; a water management program that identifies specific testing protocols and acceptable ranges for control measures; and a system to document the results of testing and corrective actions taken.


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