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Western Boot Camp on Environmental Law® CLE Policy

For Western Boot Camp, ELI seeks pre-approval for Continuing Legal Education accreditation from California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Texas, and Colorado, as ELI receives the highest number of requests for CLE credits for these jurisdictions. ELI will request pre-approval from other states depending on cost and Boot Camp participant requests received by . All participants will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance at the course, along with the information needed to report CLE credit in any state. ELI makes no guarantee that the course will be accredited by all states. ELI will have a representative at the course to assist you with your state CLE forms along with the required information about the course. To assist with accreditation, participants should fill out the question pertaining to CLE on the course registration form.


Hours of Instruction for 2018 Boot Camp Course (forthcoming)


Please continue to check this page for information about approved and pending applications for CLE. Last Updated: January 23, 2018.

For Western Boot Camp 2017:

  • CALIFORNIA: Pending
  • COLORADO: Pending
  • OREGON: Pending
  • TEXAS: Pending 
  • UTAH: Pending 
  • VERMONT: Pending
  • WASHINGTON: Pending



Members of the ALASKA, COLORADO, FLORIDA, HAWAII, MAINE, MONTANA, NEW HAMPSHIRE, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK, NORTH DAKOTA, WEST VIRGINIA, and WISCONSIN Bars may also claim CLE credit for attendance, as the course has been accredited by another mandatory CLE jurisdiction. 


NO MANDATORY CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION: The DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, MARYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, and SOUTH DAKOTA Bars currently do not have mandatory continuing legal education requirements.