Tom Mounteer

Tom Mounteer
Partner, Paul Hastings LLP, Washington, DC
Terms served on previous ELI Boards of Directors

Tom Mounteer is a partner in Paul Hastings’ Environmental and Energy practice and is based in the firm's Washington, D.C. office. Chambers has ranked Mr. Mounteer among the leading environmental practitioners in Washington, D.C., for business transactions.

Mr. Mounteer helps buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, and landlords and tenants identify, quantify, and apportion environmental liabilities that arise in business and real estate transactions. He oversees the investigation of site conditions, helps clients avail themselves of statutory defenses to liability, assists in quantifying potential liabilities, and negotiates and drafts contract terms relating to the sales, purchases, leases, and financings. In recent years, Mr. Mounteer has distilled his three decades of experience in a series of published articles.

Mr. Mounteer’s practice has particular emphases in the energy sector, disclosure of environmental liabilities, and the treatment of environmental liabilities in bankruptcy.

He also helps businesses comply with state and federal rules controlling air emissions, water discharges, waste management, and clean up contaminated properties and has represented businesses before Congress and federal and state agencies in a wide range of environmental, health, and safety matters.

In 1982, Mr. Mounteer came to Washington, D.C. to work for Congressman Gillis Long, from Louisiana's 8th Congressional District.