Paul A. Hanle

Paul Hanle
Visiting Scholar

Dr. Paul A. Hanle is a Visiting Scholar and the Founder of the Climate Judiciary Project of the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC. He retired in 2018 from his position as President and CEO of Climate Central. Paul has devoted his 50-year career to public understanding of science and environmental conservation. From 1987 until 2011, he served serially as chief executive officer of the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, president of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and first president of the Biotechnology Institute in Washington, DC. His volunteer services have included advising the Obama Administration on the attribution of extreme weather events to climate change, serving on the planning group for its “Educate to Innovate” initiative, and serving on the Steering Committee of the Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition. Hanle earned a Ph.D. in the History of Science and Medicine and an M.S. in Physics from Yale University. He earned his undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton University.