Paul A. Hanle

Paul Hanle
Visiting Scholar

Dr. Paul A. Hanle is Project Leader of the Climate Judiciary Project based at ELI. He retired in 2018 from his position as President and CEO of Climate Central, which he had joined in 2011, reflecting his career-long dedication to increasing public understanding of environmental conservation and science. Earlier he had served in leadership roles for 24 years, as the first president of the Biotechnology Institute, president of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and chief executive officer of the Maryland Science Center.

Hanle began his career in 1974 as a curator at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., rising to positions of space department chair and associate director for research. At the Science Center and the Academy, Hanle guided the launching of new educational initiatives including major national exhibits on women's health, mathematics, a volunteer-based environmental education program in aquatic ecology, and two IMAX films on science.

Among his volunteer services, he advised the Obama Administration in its “Educate to Innovate” initiative and served on the Steering Committee of the Business and Industry STEM Education Coalition. Hanle earned a Ph.D. in the History of Science and Medicine and an M.S. in Physics from Yale University. He received his undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton University. He is a former member of The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and recently a Director’s Visitor there. At present he serves on the Boards of the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences and the Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study.