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Hon. Mark Udall

Hon. Mark Udall
United States Senator, Colorado

Board dates

2007 - 2009
2010 - 2012

Before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2008, Mark Udall represented Colorado’s second Congressional District for five terms, beginning in 1999. Regarded as a national leader on renewable energy, he worked to put Colorado at the forefront of sustainable energy development. In 2004, he successfully co-chaired a campaign to pass Colorado’s first Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), which requires power companies to use more alternative energy sources. In 2007, the House of Representatives twice passed an RES that he championed. Through the years, his inclusive and bipartisan approach has led to a number of other legislative achievements, including legislation to reduce wildfire risk and bark-beetle infestation, promoting renewable energy and the green energy economy. Mark also led successful efforts to pass the James Peak Wilderness Bill and transform the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons facility into a National Wildlife Refuge. After graduating from Williams College in 1972, he moved to Colorado’s western slope and began a long and successful career with the Colorado Outward Bound School, as a course director and educator from 1975-85 and as the organization’s Executive Director from 1985-95. Mark was a co-recipient, with his cousin Congressman Tom Udall (NM), of the 2009 ELI Award.