Ella Stack

Ella Stack Photo
Research Associate

Ella Stack joined the Environmental Law Institute as a Research Associate in June 2022. She is currently assisting with ELI’s Environmental Peacebuilding program and Local Government Environmental Assistance Network. She also contributes to the Environmental Law Reporter. Prior to joining ELI, Ella served on Carleton College’s Environmental Advisory Committee where she participated in strategic planning to reimagine Carleton’s sustainability goals for the next decade. As an intern for the Nashville Mayor’s Office in 2020, she conducted a nation-wide survey of city climate action plans to determine best practices and common strategies for prioritizing equity. She used this report to identify gaps in Nashville’s drafted actions, providing a basis for revision for the City’s Climate Action Plan. She has also advocated for policies that increase the procurement of electric school buses to help drive reductions in transportation energy use. Her senior thesis analyzed changes in local news media coverage of wildfires in California. Ella grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from Carleton College.