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David J. Hayes

Board dates

1989 - 1992
1993 - 1995

David J. Hayes is a Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law at the Stanford Law School where he has been teaching courses focused on renewable and conventional energy, wildlife trafficking, NEPA reform, natural resources, and climate change. Hayes also is a Consulting Professor at Stanford’s Woods Institute for the Environment; a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress; Chair of the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance (www.uswta.org) & Vice Chair of the President’s Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking. Hayes is a member of the White House’s Trade & Environmental Policy Advisory Council. He serves on the Advisory Council of Stanford’s Lane Center for the American West; Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s Sustainability Advisory Council; and on the Board of Advantek Waste Management Services.

Prior to teaching at Stanford, Hayes served as the Deputy Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of the Interior for Presidents Clinton and Obama from 1999-2001 and 2009-2013, respectively. As the Senate-confirmed number two official at Interior, he had line authority over Interior’s 70,000 employees, $14 billion dollar budget, and the Department’s ten major bureaus and agencies.