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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will the reception and awards ceremony be on?
For those attending the reception and awards ceremony, we will be using Remo, a live, virtual event and networking space. Attendees can connect and network like in real life using their computer video and microphone to build meaningful connections.
For those attending only the awards ceremony, we will be streaming on YouTube.

When will I be able to network?
During the networking reception, from 5:30-7:00pm ET, you will have the opportunity to interact in real-time, face-to-face by selecting an available "chair" at a 2-6 person "table." You can move freely from small table to table at any time, finding colleagues and making new connections.

screenshot of Remo reception

How will I find other attendees during the reception?
When you register to attend the reception and award ceremony, you will be prompted to make a profile or "virtual business card."
Attendees can customize their virtual business card. You can share your name, job title, organization, LinkedIn profile, photo and more. A customized virtual business card will help you see who is at each table, so you can find the people you want to talk to with ease. You can also send a direct message to others during the reception to coordinate meeting at a table together.

For more information about Remo, please read our detailed How-To Guide or watch the How to use Remo as an Attendee video.

When will the Award Ceremony take place?
If you are in the Networking Reception, at 7:00pm ET, the Environmental Law Institute will broadcast the Award Ceremony program in Remo for attendees to enjoy!
If you are not attending the Networking Reception, the Award Ceremony will be streamed on YouTube for your viewing.

I need help getting into the Networking Reception at the time of the event.
If you are having trouble getting into your Remo account as the event starts, please email dakinkuiper@eli.org with your inquiries.

I'm having trouble with my camera and/or microphone on Remo.
Please visit https://remo.co/mic-cam-test/ for a systems check of your device.

Please contact Melodie at demulling@eli.org with any further questions.