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Wetland programs and tools covered by our analysis

Between July 2011 and May 2012, ELI interviewed 30 programs that have developed landscape analysis tools for prioritizing the selection of aquatic resource conservation sites. These programs, in addition to the specific tools identified for each, are listed below.

Prioritization Program Landscape Analysis Tool(s)

Arkansas Multi-Agency Wetland Planning Team (Arkansas MAWPT)

Standard GIS Methodology for Wetland Analysis

Kaufmann-Axelrod and Steinberg (2010)

Restoration Consideration Areas Tool

Tidal Wetland Restoration Prioritization Tool

Caltrans Regional Advance Mitigation Planning (Caltrans RAMP)

Road Impact Footprint Analysis

MARXAN Greenprint Analysis

Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP)

Landscape Integrity Model

Wetland profile

Ducks Unlimited (DU)

Forested Wetland Restoration Suitability Model

Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG)

Wetland condition tool

Watershed condition tool

Kramer et al. (2012)








Water quality and quantity index

Potential runoff index (PRI)

Connectivity to existing conservation lands

Terrestrial dispersal corridors between potential wetland banks

Hydrologic connectivity between wetlands

Natural upland habitat surrounding sites

Maintenance of high biodiversity streams

Potential wetland banking site index

Wetland Condition Index

Human Development Index











Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Coastal Master Plan (LACPRA CMP)









Coastal Louisiana Risk Assessment (CLARA)

Relative elevation sub-model

American Alligator Habitat Suitability Model (HSI)

Crawfish (wild caught) HIS

Eastern oyster HIS

Largemouth bass HIS

Spotted sea trout HIS

Muskrat HIS

River otter HIS

Roseate spoonbill (nesting) HSI

Roseate spoonbill (foraging) HSI

Brown shrimp HIS

White shrimp HIS

Mottled duck HIS

Green-wing teal HIS

Gadwall HIS

Nitrogen Uptake Spatial Statistical Approach

Storm surge/wave attenuation potential suitability index

Potential for freshwater availability tool

Nature-based Tourism Suitability Index

Carbon sequestration potential tool

Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI)

Wetland Mitigation Site Suitability Tool

Montana Natural Heritage Program (MTNHP)

Landscape Integrity Model




National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Habitat Priority Planner Mississippi-Alabama Habitats Tool (NOAA HPP MAHT)




Riparian buffers tool (conservation)

Riparian buffers tool (restoration)

Freshwater wetlands tool

Watersheds tool (river and stream conservation)

Watershed tool (river and stream restoration)

Intertidal marshes and flats tool (flood hazard protection)

Intertidal marshes and flats tool (natural resource conservation)




New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Wetland Restoration Assessment Model (NHDES WRAM)







Site identification model

Significant habitat tool

Ecological integrity tool

Sediment trapping and nutrient potential tool

Flood protection tool

Groundwater use potential tool

Restoration Sustainability Score

Landscape Position Score

Net Functional Benefit Tool

Site Prioritization Model


North Carolina Ecosystem Enhancement Program (NCEEP)

HUC-14 Screening Tool

Focus Area Identification Tool

Playa Lakes Joint Venture Playa Lakes Decision Support System (PLJV PLDSS)

Landscape-scale model

Site-scale model

Strager et al. (2011)

Wetland banking site selection model

Stream banking site selection model

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (TWRA CWCS)

HUC-12 aquatic resource prioritization tool


TNC Aquatic Ecoregional Assessment (TNC Aquatic EA)

Aquatic System Integrity GIS Model

Landscape Context GIS Model






TNC and ELI Duck-Pensaukee Watershed Approach Pilot (TNC-ELI DPWAP)






Watershed profile tool

Wildlife tool

Fish habitat tool

Water quality protection tool

Flood abatement tool

Shoreline protection tool

Surface water supply tool

Potentially Restorable Wetlands (PRW) tool

Wetland preservation tool

Carbon storage tool

Function variety tool

University of Massachusetts Amherst Conservation Assessment and Prioritization System (UMass Amherst CAPS)

Index of Ecological Integrity (IEI)


USACE Baltimore District and USEPA Region III Maryland Watershed Resources Registry (Maryland WRR)



Wetland preservation tool

Wetland restoration tool

Riparian zone preservation tool

Riparian zone restoration tool

Natural stormwater infrastructure preservation tool

Compromised stormwater infrastructure restoration tool

USACE St. Paul District Sunrise River Watershed-Based Mitigation Pilot (USACE SRWBMP)

Baseline assessment

Spatial Decision Support System



USEPA Recovery Potential Screening (USEPA RPS)


Ecological Capacity Tool

Stressor Exposure Tool

Social Context Tool

Recovery Potential Integrated Tool


Forest Breeding Bird Decision Support Model

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VDCR)

GIS Model

Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS WetCAT)

Wetland Condition Assessment Tool

Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS WMTT)

Wetland Mitigation Targeting Tool



Washington Department of Ecology Watershed Characterization Tool (WSDOE WCT)



Water delivery tool

Water storage tool

Groundwater recharge tool

Groundwater discharge tool

Overall watershed characterization tool




Weller et al. (2007)



Hydrology (flat wetlands)

Biogeochemistry (flat wetlands)

Plant community (flat wetlands)

Habitat (flat wetlands)

Hydrology (riverine wetlands)

Biogeochemistry (riverine wetlands)

Plant community (riverine wetlands)

Habitat (riverine wetlands)

Landscape (riverine wetlands)

The Nature Conservancy Willamette Basin Synthesis Project (TNC WBSP)

Willamette Valley Synthesis Map




Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR)




Potentially Restorable Wetlands Tool

Wetland Preservation Tool

Habitat Quality Index

Wetland Water Quality Assessment Tool

Flood Storage Decision Support Tool

Relative Need Tool

Potential Opportunity Tool