2020 National CWA 303(d) Training Workshop — Presentations and Materials

Session 1: Origins and Implementation of the CWA 303(d) Vision

A Long-Term Vision for Assessment, Restoration, and Protection under the Clean Water Act Section 303(d) Program


Session 2: Breakouts

Prioritizing Waters with Improved Approaches

A Description of Louisiana's New Vision Prioritization Process — Chuck Berger (LA)

Recovery Potential Screening Tool: Introduction and Overview — Andy Somor (Cadmus Group)

The Use of SPARROW and Other Tools to Help Prioritize Wisconsin Watersheds — Ashley Beranek and Kevin Kirsch (WI)

Environmental Justice in the CWA 303(d) Program

Handout: Plan EJ 2014: Legal Tools

Handout: Environmental Justice in Action

Incorporating 5-alts/"Alternatives" into Your CWA 303(d) Program

Alternative Restoration Approaches — Amy Feingold (EPA R4) and Chris Hunter (EPA HQ)


Session 3: Ways of Evaluating Progress

Using Limiting Factors to Overcome the Problem of Long Time Horizons in Evaluation — Jared Hardner (Hardner & Gullison Associates)

A Dollar? Acre? Pound? of Protection a Day, Keeps the 303(d) List Away: Evaluating Progress Towards Protecting Waters (Steve Epting, EPA HQ)

Healthier Watersheds Reporting — David Miller (MN)


Session 5: Concurrent Trainings I

Implementable TMDLs: An Exercise in What Makes a TMDL Useful to Its Users

Implementable TMDLs: An Exercise in What Makes a TMDL Useful to Its Users — Dylan Laird (EPA HQ)

Implementable TMDLs — Kristy Fortman (MT)


Assessment Methods for Aquatic Life Use Impairment

Aquatic Life Use in Ohio: Ohio's Tiered Biological Criteria — Sarah Becker (OH)

The Biological Condition Gradient (BCG) — Susan Jackson (EPA HQ)

Large River Semi-wadeable Multimetric Index (SWMMI) — Dustin Shull (PA)

Environmental DNA: Method Development and Applications in Region 3 — Amy Bergdale (EPA R3)

Handout: Ohio EPA Aquatic Life Use—Biological Criteria

BCG Handout 1: Biological and Other Ecological Attributes Used to Characterize the BCG

BCG Handout 2: Coral Reef Benthic BCG Model—Draft

BCG Handout 3: What Constitutes the Final BCG Model?


Communication Tools

Public Meetings in the Time of COVID-19 — Jeff Berckes (IA)

Kentucky's Understanding TMDLs Story Map — Lara Panayotoff (KY)

Using Social Media as a Communication Tool — Traci Iott (CT)

Communications Toolbox for 303(d) and Water Quality Programs — Sara Schwartz (EPA HQ)

Handout: Story Maps: A Public Outreach Tool for Water Quality Programs in Connecticut


ATTAINS for the Casual User

ATTAINS for the Casual User — Wendy Reid and Jesse Boorman-Padgett (EPA HQ)

Handout: How to Use ATTAINS Reports to Answer Questions


ATTAINS Secret Sauce Training—Tips and Tricks

ATTAINS Secret Sauce — Dwane Young (EPA HQ), Laura Shumway (EPA HQ), and Megan Tulloch (RTI International)

Handout 1: Navigating ATTAINS Using the Web Addresses

Handout 2: Fixing Delistings

Handout 3: Batch Upload

Handout 4: Accessing Data

Handout 5: ATTAINS Data in How's My Waterway 2.0


Session 6: Concurrent Trainings II

Permitting and the CWA 303(d) Program

Permitting & CWA 303(d) in Kansas — Michelle Probasco (KS)

Permitting and the CWA 303(d) Program in Florida — Greg DeAngelo and Erin Rasnake (FL)

Handout: Request for DEAR Review and Input Guide (FL)

Handout: Request for DEAR Review and Input Scoring (FL)


CWA 303(d) List and TMDL Litigation

303(d) Litigation Highlights (2019-20) — Jim Curtin, Tom Glazer, Steve Sweeney, and Alec Mullee (EPA OGC)

Handout: Anacostia Riverkeeper, Inc., v. Wheeler


Hydrologic Alterations and Water Quality: Opportunities and Challenges

Hydrologic Alteration and Water Quality: Opportunities and Challenges — Lisa Perras Gordon (EPA R4)

Courtney Campbell Causeway Dam Removal & Florida's 303(d) Assessment — Kevin O'Donnell (FL)


State–Tribal Partnerships on TMDLs and Impaired Waters Listings

Better Together: Bishop Paiute Tribe & California Regional Water Board Partnering to Address Impaired Water of Bishop Creek — BryAnna Vaughan (Bishop Paiute Tribe) and Ed Hancock (CA)

Tongue River Water Quality: Northern Cheyenne Tribe and Montana DEQ — Christina Staten (MT)


Modeling Showcase

Modeling Showcase — Ben Cope (EPA R10), Jason Gildea (EPA R8), Jim Hallmark (IA), Ansel Bubel (FL), William Howard George (MT), Ryan Shoginaga (OR), Nicholas von Stackelberg (UT), J. Davis (EPA R4)


The Water Quality Portal

The Water Quality Portal — Dwane Young, Laura Shumway, and Jesse Boorman-Padgett (EPA HQ)

How Arizona Uses the Water Quality Portal to Save Time and Money — Jason Jones (AZ)

Handout: Getting Started with the Water Quality Portal


Session 7: Report-Back and Discussion of Vision Analysis

Summary of the Vision Breakout Discussions

Handout: Working Draft Protection FAQs (distributed to all states in November 2018 as part of the protection compendium questionnaire)