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USFWS Wind Energy Guidelines Implementation Workshop


June 29, 2012


Washington, DC

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service recently issued its final voluntary guidelines for onshore wind developers. These guidelines were the product of a five-year federal advisory committee process consisting of federal agencies, developers, conservation organizations, academia, and state and tribal representatives. The guidelines are intended to help developers and the Service analyze risks from wind energy development and operations to wildlife and wildlife habitat. This interactive workshop provided an overview of the recently published final FWS Onshore Wind Guidelines, discussed questions regarding implementation intent and expectations from various stakeholder perspectives, and explored issues and opportunities for additional clarification.

Speakers included David Cottingham, Senior Advisor to the Director of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Please click here for a downloadable copy of the full Agenda.


Taber Allison powerpoint, "USFWS Wind Energy Guidelines: The Tiered Approach"
David Cottingham powerpoint, "Land-based Wind Energy Guidelines"
Notes from the Workshop