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Town Hall Discussion: The Future of Climate Action


October 4, 2010


Washington, DC

In July, Senate Democrats largely abandoned efforts to pass a climate bill in 2010. The action has shifted from legislation to regulation and litigation. The Environmental Protection Agency rolled out new rules regulating carbon emissions from power plants and large factories. Lawsuits were filed in response, two of which will be before the Supreme Court for possible review, and lawmakers have vowed to roll back EPA's power to regulate carbon. A panel of experts, including Eric Pooley, author of The Climate War, presented a town hall discussion about where the action was heading.


Kevin P. Holewinski, Partner, Jones Day (moderator)
Joe Goffman, Senior Counsel, Office of the Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation, U.S. EPA
Vickie Patton, General Counsel, Environmental Defense Fund
Eric Pooley, Deputy Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek, author of The Climate War
William L. Wehrum, Partner, Hunton & Williams LLP