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Special ELI Climate Briefing: Climate Policy 2013-2016


February 13, 2013



In his 2013 inaugural address, President Obama made clear his intention to put climate change near the top of his administration’s agenda. The February 13th special edition of ELI’s Climate Briefing presented what the nation’s top climate experts realistically expect can happen in the next four years. Our panelists discussed what they heard in the President’s address and what opportunities and roadblocks remained in crafting a federal climate policy.

The topics discussed during the call included:

  • Discussion of the international and federal administrative fronts. What are the important factors and likely paths?
  • Legal and litigation risks to those international and federal strategies. What are likely pitfalls in using CAA Sec. 111(d) on GHGs? Report on the DC Cir's recent decisions and what they portend for climate's regulatory future.
  • What does all this mean on the Hill? Might any of this be a catalyst for action?
  • The state view, including how California is moving forward, RGGI, and likely interactions between the various pieces

Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director, Climate Center, Georgetown University
Kyle W. Danish, Partner, Van Ness Feldman, LLP
Michael B. Gerrard, Professor, Columbia Law School ; Director, Center for Climate Change Law
Manik Roy, Vice President, Strategic Outreach, Pew Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

Members may log on to access the mp3 recording
Kyle Danish powerpoint presentation: "The President's Climate Change Agenda: Greenhouse Gas Regulation of Power Plants"

Background Articles from the Environmental Law Reporter:
"Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Existing Sources: Section 111(d) and State Equivalency"
"The Clean Air Act: A Suitable Tool for Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change"
"New Source Performance Standards for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions From the Power and Refining Sectors: Wrong Mechanism at the Wrong Time"
"Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act: Structure, Effects, and Implications of a Knowable Pathway"