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Monthly Climate Change Briefing


January 14, 2013



A special service for ELI institutional members, this half-hour monthly conference call provides a valuable way to keep on top of the legal and policy developments in the climate change arena.

Panelists for this month's event were:

  • Kyle Danish, Van Ness Feldman PC
  • David Doniger, Policy Director, Climate & Clean Air Program, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Michael B. Gerrard, Director, Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia Law School
  • Gabriel Pacyniak, Institute Associate, Georgetown University Climate Center
  • Nikki Roy, Vice President, Strategic Outreach, Pew Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES)

The topics discussed during the call included:

  • DC Circuit's denial of en banc review in the GHG regulation case
  • Discussion of NRDC's recent report, Closing the Power Plant Carbon Pollution Loophole

Additional Materials:
Closing the Power Plant Carbon Pollution Loophole: Smart Ways the Clean Air Act Can Clean Up America's Biggest Climate Polluters, NRDC (Dec. 2012)
Using the Clean Air Act to Sharply Reduce Carbon Pollution from Existing Power Plants, Creating Clean Energy Jobs, Improving Americans' Health, and Curbing Climate Change, NRDC Issue Brief (Dec. 2012)
Members may log on to access the mp3 recording.


This ELI Associate Seminar was made possible by the generous support of our members.