Law 2111 of 2021: New environmental crimes in Colombia

October 21, 2021 5:00 pm — 7:00 pm


This conference is co-sponsored by Environmental Peacebuilding and the Environmental Law Institute.

Within the framework of the International Cooperation Project "Transformation of Deforestation in Colombia through Judicial Education," the Second Policy Dialogue will comprise a series of virtual events that will be held during October and November 2021. These events are designed to generate spaces for academic construction and dialogue between actors about the problem of deforestation in the country by exploring the role of the judiciary in the fight against deforestation.

This webinar will aim to examine the new Law 2111 that modifies the Colombian Penal Code in relation to environmental crimes. Topics of discussion will include the novelties of the Law and its implications for the protection of the environment, particularly its effect on the framework of the fight against deforestation.

For further details, see the event website.