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The Grid: Integration and Transmission of Renewable Energy


March 16, 2011


Berkeley, CA

California is today experiencing a "Gold Rush" in renewable energy. Many energy companies, attorneys, consultants and environmental organizations are working with federal, state and local governments to find ways to design and develop renewable energy projects that benefit the public while protecting the environment and natural resources. Berkeley Law Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, The Environmental Law Institute and Farella Braun + Martel held a series of bimonthly panel discussions to address the issues involved in renewable energy project development.

Session 3: The Grid: Integration of Renewable Energy

Integrating renewable energy into the U.S. power grid has become an important issue. The peak power periods for wind and solar energy differ but they both exhibit natural variability that must be managed before they can supply a substantial portion of the country's energy needs. An expert panel discussed the technical challenges of integration, solutions proposed or implemented, the impacts of integration on the grid, the interplay of integration and storage issues, and legal and policy implications for agencies and the industry.

Norma Formanek, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Electric Power Research Institute (moderator)
Jim Detmers, Principal, Power System Resources LLC (formerly VP of Operations, California ISO)
Robert Jenkins, Director, Transmission and Interconnection, First Solar
Dai Owen, Senior Power Marketer enXco
Carl Zichella, Director of Western Energy Transmission, Natural Resources Defense Council

Additional Materials:
mp3 recording
Powerpoint: Norma Formanek, The Grid: Integration of Renewable Energy
Powerpoint: Robert Jenkins, Solar Photovoltaic Energy