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ELI Constitutional Environmental Law Writing Competition: Past Winning Essays




An American [State] in Paris: The Constitutionality of States' Commitments to the Paris Agreement

Kristin McCarthy, William & Mary Law School


Honorable Mention:

The First Amendment Implications of a Mandatory Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure Regime

Rebecca Susko, Fordham University School of Law





Ben Raker, Vanderbilt Law School


Honorable Mention:

Catherine Danley, University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law




Megan McLean, Vanderbilt Law School




Joel Reschly, Lewis & Clark Law School

Honorable Mentions:

Purba Mukerjee, University of California Berkeley School of Law 

Erica Shell, Wayne State University Law School




Paul Stewart, Wayne State University Law School
Click here for a press release on the 2014 competition 

Honorable Mentions:

Jess Kyle, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law

Carys Arvidson, Tulane University Law School



James E. Flynn III, Georgia State University College of Law
Click here for a press release on the 2013 competition 



When the Standing Doctrine Closes a Door, May Intervention Open a Window? How Article III Standing and Rule 24(a) Intervention Could Shape Climate Change Solutions
Melissa Waver, Suffolk University Law School
Click here for a press release on the 2012 competition 



The Attack on Frack: New York's Moratorium on Hydraulic Fracturing and Where It Stands in the Threat of Takings
Holli Brown, Vermont Law School
Click here for a press release on the 2011 competition 



The Political Question Doctrine's Role in Climate Change Nuisance Litigation: Are Power Utilities the First of Many Casualties?
Nathan Howe, Washington and Lee University School of Law
Click here for a press release on the 2010 competition 



Run Aground Again: The Exxon Valdez's Collision with the Supreme Court's Punitive Damages Jurisprudence
Shawn LaTourette, Rutgers University School of Law-Camden
Click here for a press release on the 2009 competition 



Where Federalism and Globalization Intersect: The Western Climate Initiative as a Model for Cross-Border Collaboration among States and Provinces 
Jeremy Lawrence, University of Southern California School of Law
Click here for a press release on the 2008 competition 




Foreign Affairs Preemption: The Legality of California's Link with the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Hannah Chang, Yale Law School
Click here for a press release on the 2007 competition 

Honorable Mentions:

Garamendi's Unspoken Assumptions: Assessing Executive Foreign Affairs Preemption Challenges to State Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Kimberly Breedon, University of Cincinnati College of Law 

National Association of Home Builders v. Defenders of Wildlife and the Meaning of Agency "Discretion"
Linus Chen, Emory University School of Law 




Foxes Guarding the Henhouse: How to Protect Environmental Standing from a Conservative Supreme Court
Amy L. Major, University of Maryland School of Law
Click here for a press release on the 2006 competition 

Honorable Mentions:

Recognizing the Limits of Water Rights: Rejecting Takings Claims in Klamath Irrigation District v. United States
Esther L. Westbrook, Lewis & Clark Law School 

The Brief and Unexpected Preemption of Hawai'i's Humpback Whale Laws: The Authority of the States to Protect Endangered Marine Mammals under the ESA and the MMPA
Koalani Laura Kaulukukui, University of Hawai'i' William S. Richardson School of Law