Advisory Committee

ELI is partnering with experts around the globe to form the Biodiversity Adaptation Law Advisory Committee to assist in implementing the project. This Advisory Committee includes environmental lawyers from six countries characterized by high biodiversity (Uganda, Madagascar, Peru, Dominican Republic, Bhutan, and Vietnam). These six countries represent different regions, legal systems, biomes, and challenges to biodiversity associated with climate change; as such, the Advisory Committee helps to ensure that the materials developed through this project are widely relevant and useful.

The members of the Advisory Committee are:

  • Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Executive Director, Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental (SPDA) (Peru)
  • Nelson Pimentel, Environmental Attorney, Instituto de Abogados para la Proteccion del Medio Ambiente (INSAPROMA) (Dominican Republic)
  • Kenneth Kakuru , Executive Director, Greenwatch (Uganda)
  • Lalaina Rakotoson Randriatsitohaina, Team Leader, Development and Environmental Law Center (DELC) (Madagascar)
  • Kunzang Kunzang, Legal Officer, National Environment Commission (Bhutan)
  • Hahn Vu, Deputy Dean of Economics Law Faculty, Hanoi University of Law (Vietnam)
  • Tran Trang, Director, Law and Policy of Sustainable Development (LPSD) (Vietnam)


Climate & Biodiversity Advisory Committee