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Avital Li

Research Associate
(202) 939-3850

Avital Li joined ELI as a Research Associate in July 2018. Her work involves leading ELI’s responsibilities as the International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) Secretariat. She also assists in initiatives related to community participation and conflict sensitivity in environmental programming, and nature-bassed infrastructure for disaster risk reduction. She currently serves as the Managing Editor of ELI's blog, Vibrant Environment. Before joining ELI, she worked alongside a Ngöbe-Buglé community in Panama over the course of two years, conducting research and advocacy work concerning issues of natural resource management, extractive development and tenure rights in partnership with the Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives. She earned a Joint BA and BSc in Sustainability, Science and Society from McGill University, where her thesis consisted of an in depth case study based on the field work she conducted in Panama. Avital has also worked on anti-mining initiatives with the McGill Research Group Investigating Canadian Mining in Latin America, water quality and access research in Ecuador with a local NGO, and sustainable urban gardening through a position she held at her university.