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Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era: A Discussion with ELI


April 27, 2017


Washington, DC (and webinar)

An ELI Public Seminar

In response to the growing demand for unbiased answers and analysis on how deregulatory initiatives by the new Administration and Congress will impact environmental protection, governance, and the rule of law, ELI has released a special report, Regulatory Reform in the Trump Era. The report explains the legal mechanisms and processes that may get deployed, how they work, and the effect on the current regulatory landscape. It responds to the questions that are increasingly being asked of ELI: What are the pathways and impacts of regulatory reform efforts likely to be undertaken? What are the opportunities for the public and other stakeholders to engage relative to reform initiatives?

ELI President Scott Fulton and the authors of the report discussed the report's findings. ELI attorneys presented highlights from their research and answered questions from the audience.

Scott Fulton, President, ELI
Jay Austin, Senior Attorney; Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Law Reporter, ELI
Tobie Bernstein, Senior Attorney; Director, Indoor Environments and Green Buildings Program, ELI
James M. McElfish, Jr., Senior Attorney; Director, Sustainable Use of Land Program, ELI
Benjamin Solomon-Schwartz, Public Interest Law Fellow, ELI

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