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Environmental Rule of Law


April 2, 2019


Washington, DC (and webinar)

ELI Public Seminar

In the decades since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, environmental laws have expanded dramatically. However, implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations often fall far short of what is required to address environmental challenges. Environmental rule of law—which describes systems in which laws are widely understood, respected, and enforced, and the benefits of environmental protection are enjoyed by people and the planet—is key to addressing and closing this “implementation gap.”

In January 2019, UN Environment released Environmental Rule of Law: First Global Report, providing the first-ever global assessment of the state of the environmental rule of law. In addition to providing actionable next steps, the report seeks to answer questions crucial to effective environmental governance: What are the drivers of environmental compliance and non-compliance? How can environmental rule of law be advanced? What can be done to protect environmental defenders? How can government agencies ensure meaningful public participation in environmental decision-making?

Scott Fulton, President, Environmental Law Institute, Moderator
Naysa Ahuja, Environmental Governance and Social Safeguard Specialist (Consultant), World Bank. Former Visiting Attorney, Environmental Law Institute
Carl Bruch, Senior Attorney and Director, International Programs, Environmental Law Institute
Sally Fisk, Assistant General Counsel, PGS & EHS Compliance Lead, Pfizer
Elizabeth Mrema, Director, Law Division, UN Environment (UNEP)

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