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Uncertainty and Risk in Securing Adequate Water Supplies: Challenges and Opportunities


March 28, 2012


Washington, DC

The combination of increasing demand and reduced water supplies creates heightened uncertainty regarding long-term water availability. The panel discussed recent trends and market solutions, including:

  • Importance of due diligence and risk assessment for investors and ensuring accurate public disclosure
  • Need for innovative approaches to financing water related infrastructure improvements given reduced Federal funding
  • Role of economics, conservation pricing and water rights trading
  • Significance of Federal laws affecting water allocation, e.g. Endangered Species Act and Corps of Engineers requirements, as well as Interstate Compacts and equitable apportionment decrees
  • Interstate disputes and thorny allocation issues
  • Role of innovation and technology to address issues of water supply and water efficiency

Jim Wrathall, Counsel, ZAG/S&W, former Majority Senior Counsel, U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (moderator)
Sharlene Leurig, Senior Manager, Ceres, author of "Water Risk in the Municipal Bond Market"
Steven Maxwell, Principal, TSG, author of "The Future of Water"
G. Tracy Mehan III, Principal, the Cadmus Group, former EPA Assistant Administrator for Water
Jerry Sherk, Of Counsel, ZAG/S&W, water law attorney

Powerpoint slides only
Audio presentation with powerpoint slides