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NEPA Update


August 19, 2014


Washington, DC

NEPA Deskbook, 4th Edition

The National Environmental Policy Act remains U.S. environmental law’s Magna Carta. But a changing context and an accretion of 40 years of practices under NEPA is leading for calls for changes to NEPA and the processes required by the statute. A discussion with the lead author of NEPA’s implementing regulations, Nick Yost, discussed where NEPA came from and, most importantly, where NEPA is headed. The interactive discussion was followed by a reception.

Mr. Yost is a partner at Dentons US LLP, and author of the newly released NEPA Deskbook, 4th Edition.This comprehensive deskbook provides immediate access to the NEPA statute, relevant executive orders, regulations, and guidance materials issued by the Council on Environmental Quality and other agencies. The deskbook also includes important judicial decisions, making it an essential resource for anyone who deals with environmental regulation and compliance pertaining to NEPA.