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Looking Back to Move Forward: Resolving Health & Environmental Crises


November 18, 2020



An ELI and State Energy & Environmental Impact Center Co-Sponsored Webinar

The U.S. legal system was built to address predictable health and environmental injuries, but it can seize up when health or environmental crises combine legally confounding fact patterns with huge humanitarian and financial stakes. Because these crises present serious societal challenges that affect large slices of America, however, they must be addressed—and resolved—in an open, fair, and equitable fashion.

Looking Back to Move Forward: Resolving Health & Environmental Crises, a new book from the New York University School of Law’s State Energy & Environmental Impact Center, describes the tools that advocates, judges, legislators, and policymakers have applied to address and resolve—with varying levels of success—seven major health and environmental crises of our time. With chapters written by leading legal practitioners and policy experts, the book provides a comprehensive, independent analysis of prior judicial and legislative settlement structures employed to resolve the toughest large-scale health and environmental liability and compensation challenges over the last 50 years.

On November 18, join ELI, the State Impact Center, and contributing authors to examine how lessons learned from these experiences can inform and guide how the legal system responds to the health and environmental crises of tomorrow.

David J. Hayes, Executive Director, State Impact Center, Moderator
John Cruden, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond PC
Carol Jones, Visiting Scholar, Environmental Law Institute
Elizabeth Klein, Deputy Director, State Impact Center
Kate Probst, Independent Consultant
Joshua Van Eaton, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond PC