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Business Hour: Terrific Tips from Top Energy Career Coaches


March 26, 2020



Presented by the Energy and Environmental Law Forum of the Women's Bar Association of D.C.

Careers in Clean Energy are Hot! Join us for an exciting teleconference, to hear all about existing and coming career opportunities in clean and renewable energy! Call in to hear two experts, clean energy coaches share their tips about entering or transitioning into this career area!

This is part of WBA’s 2-part program series to explore and share about careers in clean and renewable energy, to help you explore the possibilities in this burgeoning area.

Climate adaptation and resilience stand out as rapidly emerging areas of employment as a result of climate change impacts. Along with jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency, there will be a host of job and career opportunities in this growing area in the coming years!

After calling into this teleconference program, be sure to watch for our upcoming, in-person program, “Women Experts and Entrepreneurs in Renewable Energy Tell All!” At that program, you’ll network with top experts in this exciting area, in person. More details and a special reduced price to bring a friend option will be offered for this upcoming program!

Beth Offenbacker, Founder and CEO, Waterford, Inc
Catherine McLean, Founder and CEO, Dylan Green