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Environmental Law Boot Camp®

Environmental Law Boot Camp®

Since 1990, ELI has worked with senior practitioners to distill the substance and practice of environmental law into an intensive three-day program for new environmental attorneys working for law firms, businesses, and non-profit organizations affiliated with ELI’s Professional, Corporate, and Public Interest Programs. This unique course provides participants with a comprehensive examination of key environmental law and practice areas, paying particular attention to emerging issues in the law and in practice. No other course offers as much insight into the actual practice of environmental law.

The ELI Boot Camp on Environmental Law® is a training opportunity available only to members of ELI’s Associates Program. The course is designed primarily for attorneys new to environmental law and management, although experienced practitioners have found that Boot Camp provides a useful refresher, affording insight into current practice. The course has a strong legal focus, yet is accessible to professionals other than lawyers, such as corporate environmental managers, paralegals, and technical staff who need or would benefit from a more thorough understanding of environmental law.

Those seeking CLE can earn almost 20 hours for a fee of less than $1,000, with special discounts provided to government, academic, and public interest employees.

Boot Camp“Boot Camp is great. It has provided real training strengths for our younger lawyers who come out of law school with a lot of hopes and aspirations, but need to know the nitty-gritty of environmental law — Boot Camp has been … one of the very best opportunities that our younger lawyers have had to get a crash course on how to be an environmental lawyer. I highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to train young environmental lawyers who have the kind of enthusiasm you want but still need to learn how to be involved in environmental matters in a very specific way.”