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Wetland and Stream Mitigation: A Handbook for Land Trusts


Jessica B. Wilkinson, Rebecca L. Kihslinger, and Chloe Kolman

Date Released: 

September 2012
Wetland and Stream Mitigation: A Handbook for Land Trusts

Developed in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance, this ELI resource was designed to provide land trusts with the tools they need to navigate the federal wetland and stream compensatory mitigation program and evaluate their engagement in the program. It provides background on the federal regulatory program, an overview of the different phases of a compensatory mitigation project, a discussion of the different roles that a land trust can play in compensatory mitigation, a framework for land trusts to assess their participation in a compensatory mitigation project, and technical guides on site protection instruments, long-term management plans, and long-term financing mechanisms.

A limited number of printed copies are available for purchase.

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