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Read Porter

Read Porter
Senior Attorney; Director, Invasive Species Program
(202) 939-3810

Mr. Porter directs the Invasive Species Program and leads work related to seafood sustainability at the Environmental Law Institute. Mr. Porter is the author of numerous reports and articles in academic journals on environmental law and policy, including contributions on enforcement, certification and ecolabeling, federalism, and regulatory responses to uncertainty. He is an expert on fisheries enforcement, comparative invasive species policy, biofuels, and seafood ecolabeling, and has experience in other issues, including nanotechnology and renewable energy. Mr. Porter also serves on the advisory board of the Maritime Environmental Resource Center, a ballast treatment technology testing facility based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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  • Biodiversity: invasive species
  • Oceans: aquaculture and fisheries governance
  • Pollution: nanomaterials and right-to-know laws


  • J.D., Harvard Law School, 2005
  • B.A. geology, Amherst College, 2001

Selected Publications

Read D. Porter, Zachary Jylkka & Greta Swanson (2012). “Enforcement and Compliance Trends under IFQ Management in the Gulf of Mexico Commercial Reef Fish Fishery”, Marine Policy, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpol.2012.05.018 (in press).

Read D. Porter, Linda Breggin, Robert Falkner, John Pendergrass, & Nico Jaspers (2012) “Regulatory Responses to Scientific Uncertainty and Nanotechnology”, in The Nanotechnology Challenge: Creating Law and Legal Institutions for Uncertain Risks: 379-415, D. Dana, ed., Cambridge University Press.

Read D. Porter & Nina C. Robertson, Tracking Implementation of the Special Need Request Process Under the Plant Protection Act, 41 ELR 11000 (Nov. 2011) (Envtl. L. Rep.).

Read D. Porter, “Fisheries Observers as Enforcement Assets: Lessons from the North Pacific,” Marine Policy 34(2010): 583-589.

Dennis M. King, Read D. Porter & Elizabeth A. Price (2009). “Reassessing the Value of At-Sea Fisheries Enforcement,” Ocean Development & International Law 40(4): 350 - 372.

Read D. Porter & Jordan Diamond, New Tools for Responsible Shipping in the Great Lakes: Using Financial Responsibility Policies to Prevent Ballast-Borne Biological Pollution, (Envtl. L. Inst. 2009).

Christopher R. Pyke, Roxanne Thomas, Read D. Porter, Jessica Hellmann, Jeffrey S. Dukes, David M. Lodge & Gabrielle Chavarria (2008). “Current Practices and Future Opportunities for Policy on Climate Change and Invasive Species”, Conservation Biology 22(3): 585-592.