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Experts Guide

Welcome to ELI’s directory of environmental law and policy experts. We are committed to delivering timely, insightful, impartial analysis to opinion makers, including government officials, environmental and business leaders, and journalists.

The Institute is fortunate to have staff members with deep expertise in many fields of environmental law and governance both in the United States and internationally. Their profiles are included in this experts guide. The Institute’s work does not address every topic of interest in the field, and our experts do not offer opinions in areas where they have not done substantial work.

You may search for experts by clicking on the categories below or by name.

Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Green Buildings
Indoor air quality

Industrial Agriculture
Judiciary and Legal
Land Use
Natural Hazards


  • Conservation planning—approaches for integrating biodiversity protection principles into land use planning, policies, and regulations;
    Rebecca Kihslinger
  • Invasive Species
    Read Porter
  • Marine biodiversity and management
    Kathryn Mengerink
  • State strategies and local ordinances and policies
    James McElfish

Chemicals: Toxic Substance Control Act reform; nanotechnology governance
Linda Breggin, Bruce Myers, John Pendergrass, Scott Schang

Climate Change:

Environmental Justice: environmental justice and alternative dispute resolution; community environmental enforcement
Lisa Goldman

Green Buildings: Federal, state and local government policies and program
Tobie Bernstein

Indoor Air Quality: Federal, state and local government policies and programs
Tobie Bernstein

Industrial Agriculture: water and air pollution; climate; human/animal health and welfare
Linda Breggin, Bruce Myers


  • Governance—transparency, public participation, and accountability; international environmental law and institutions—compliance, development, implementation, and enforcement
    Carl Bruch, John Pendergrass
  • Foreign law—India
    John Pendergrass
  • Foreign Law—Liberia & Nigeria; forestry; artisanal gold mining; transboundary environmental impact assessment; collaborative management of protected areas; natural resource management
    Lisa Goldman, Bruce Myers, John Pendergrass, Scott Schang, Jessica Troell
  • Freshwater law and policy; transboundary water management; water and livelihoods; water quality management; water management institutions; climate adaptation in the water sector; freshwater fisheries management
    Jessica Troell, Carl Bruch

Judiciary and Legal:

  • Compliance and enforcement
    Linda Breggin, Carl Bruch, James McElfish, John Pendergrass
  • Constitutional environmental law—constitutional law topics that affect environmental law, including the Commerce Clause, “takings” and property rights, “standing” to bring environmental lawsuits, and Tenth and Eleventh Amendments
    Jay Austin, Bruce Myers
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, (EIA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)—implementation, litigation, and public participation; state environmental law—state stringency and comparative programs
    Jay Austin, James McElfish, Scott Schang
  • Judicial education
    John Pendergrass
  • U.S. Supreme Court and other federal court cases and recent decisions and trends in judicial decisionmaking
    Jay Austin, Bruce Myers

Land Use:

  • Alternative Energy—siting of wind energy on land and water, coastal environment
  • Shale Gas Development
  • State laws and policies, federal influences, judicial decisions, development and infrastructure policies
    James McElfish (for all the above)

Natural Hazards: identifying opportunities to improve community resilience through inter-agency collaboration
Rebecca Kihslinger


Pollution: Superfund, brownfields cleanup and redevelopment, hazardous substances, nanotechnology, toxic waste, water pollution; national pollutant discharge elimination system permit system and state programs
Linda Breggin, James McElfish, John Pendergrass, Scott Schang