The Environmental Forum

Volume 36 Issue 5

September-October 2019

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Bounding Forward

LEAD FEATURE ❧ In the race to save the planet from climate change, resilience has been misconstrued as sustaining historic conditions. But some of them are undesirable and others no longer feasible. Adaptive governance can promote transformation to help communities frustrated with current conditions.

By Robert L. Fischman
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

With a SIDEBAR from the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Even Without a Mandate

SURVEY REPORT ❧ Large U.S. corporations lead the global pack in sustainability reporting — from data on greenhouse gas emissions to gender diversity ratios — allowing stakeholders to produce mutual victories with firms outside the usual government-business infighting.

By Thomas Singer and Anuj Saush
The Conference Board, The Conference Board

With SIDEBARs from Ceres and from the sustainability reporting chief at Intel Corporation.

The Value of More Women on Board

COVER STORY ❧ Our study shows that shattering the glass ceiling preserves blue skies: A company with greater gender diversity among its directors is less likely to commit environmental violations, helping the firm avoid costly litigation and preserving shareholder wealth.

By Chelsea Liu
University of Adelaide Business School

With SIDEBARs by former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman, by a high-ranking businesswoman, and by a scholar on gender diversity in corporate governance.

The Debate

In May, an unprecedented announcement shook the climate change policy world. A group of chief executive officers of some of the largest international corporations banded together with a group of NGO advisers to call for a greater federal role in America’s response to the threat of climate change. We asked a group of them to tell our readers what shape the federal response to climate change should take.

By Jonathan H. Adler, Thomas F. Farrell II, Jamie M. Gentoso, Bob Stout and Derek Walker
Case Western Reserve Law School, Dominion Energy, LafargeHolcim, BP, Environmental Defense Fund
Tom FitzGerald, The Lawyer Who Came in From the Outside

PROFILE ❧ A crusading public interest attorney in rural Appalachia, Tom FitzGerald was appointed to the commission overseeing water quality in the Ohio River. When the interstate panel tried to eliminate its successful standardsetting, he used his new insider status to instead strengthen the program.

By Keith Schneider
Correspondent reporting on water, energy, climate, and economy
By: David P. Clarke

New EO Further Slashes Agency Science, but Reg Needs Growing.

By: Craig M. Pease

The Case That Framed How Courts Can Admit Science Into Evidence.

By: Linda K. Breggin

First-of-its-kind Regional Transport Program in Works for State Group.

By: Richard Lazarus

Analytics Reveal Key Trends and Themes in Environmental Litigation.

By: Kathleen Barrón

District Cooling, Ice Storage Are Just Two Ways to Cool Warming World.

By: Ethan Shenkman

FERC in Limbo on Greenhouse Gas Reviews Despite Court's Mandates.

By: Joseph E. Aldy

Can a Carbon Tax Be Designed to Benefit Low-Income Households?

By: Stephen R. Dujack

50 years ago series: A group launches a law movement.

By: G. Tracy Mehan III

On democracy versus climate change.

By: Anna Beeman

Colleagues' new jobs, promotions, and achievements.

By: Anna Beeman

Conservationists receive ELI National Wetlands Awards.

By: Scott Fulton

On the basics of climate science.