The Environmental Forum

Volume 36 Issue 4

July-August 2019

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Devil's Advocate

ENVIRONMENTAL LAW REPORTER ❧ President Trump’s distortion of the Antiquities Act by revising prior presidents’ national monument declarations is a naked aggrandizement of executive power over the legislative branch’s policy prerogatives.

By Bruce Fein and W. Bruce DelValle
Fein & DelValle, PLLC, Fein & DelValle, PLLC
Pies and Thresholds

ELI PRESS ❧ Pollution control regulation traditionally invents zero-sum games, but increasing risks of crossing ecological thresholds or even Planetary Boundaries may change those games and what they can accomplish.

By Robin Kundis Craig
University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law
What Does "100% Renewable" Really Mean?

ELI POLICY BRIEF NO. 15 ❧ There is reason for optimism in changes made by businesses in how they use energy and how they purchase that power. But as firms commit to using greener electricity, the public should examine corporate progress reports and what such voluntary goals actually mean.

By Sofia O'Connor and James McElfish
Environmental Law Institute, Environmental Law Institute
By: David P. Clarke

Muddy waters: Critics decry weak scientific basis of WOTUS proposal.

By: Craig M. Pease

The concentration of political and regulatory power corrupts science.

By: Linda K. Breggin

Higher ed schools nation, fuels activism on carbon reductions.

By: Kathleen Barrón

Markets and border adjustments: An energizing power combination.

By: Richard Lazarus

EPA loses in court again — but outcome didn't follow the script.

By: Ethan Shenkman

Trump regulatory agenda for next 12 months will be fast and furious.

By: Joseph E. Aldy

More study needed of the overall impact of rules on American society.

By: Bruce Rich

Pilgrims to where sun was born: Culture, species, and sustainability.

By: Oliver Houck

On the tiger hunter and the unwritten code.

By: Stephen R. Dujack

50 years ago series: The summer that launched an era.