The Environmental Forum

Volume 37 Issue 1

January-February 2020

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The Future of Fishing

LEAD FEATURE ❧ With stocks already stressed by over-harvesting, the dual obstacles of population growth and climate change are likely to challenge marine species like never before. And it is here where policy transforms their health from a local issue into an issue of global security.

By Monica Medina and Scott Nuzum
Our Daily Planet, VNF Solutions LLC

With SIDEBARs from the U.S. fishing community and from a fishing tech specialist.

Integrity at Risk

CENTERPIECE ❧ Climate change has the potential to undermine the entire financial system. Active risk management, disclosure, and reporting could be the basis for an informed response by both markets and policymakers, while failing to act could precipitate an economic disaster.

By Allen Miller and Stacy Swann
Independent Consultant, Climate Finance Advisors

With a SIDEBAR from Joyce Coffee of Climate Resilience Consulting.

Disclosing the Danger

COVER STORY ❧ Likely death or bodily harm from greenhouse gases raises questions about the ethical responsibilities of an emitter’s legal counselors. By focusing on the lawyers’ role, climate activists avoid many of the problems of current litigation strategies, such as standing and preemption.

By Victor B. Flatt
University of Houston Law Center

With a SIDEBAR by Cale Jaffe of University of Virginia Law School.

Breaking Through

TESTIMONY ❧ Confronting climate change paralyzes many individuals as well as schools and businesses. I designed the Climate Solutions Living Lab at Harvard to inspire meaningful, practical solutions and empower students and others to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By Wendy B. Jacobs
Harvard Law School

The 2019 edition of the ELI-Miriam Hamilton Keare Policy Forum brought together four experts to debate the future of nuclear power at a time when humanity is facing a climate crisis. The event leveraged on the recent ELI Press publication of a book on “deep decarbonization,” which envisions cuts of at least 80 percent by 2050 in emissions from the United States, a goal that is necessary to meet the 2 degree Celsius target of the Paris Agreement.

By: David P. Clarke

Biofuels Battle Looms Over Midwest As 2020 Presidential Season Begins.

By: Craig M. Pease

Science, Engineering in Work-a-Day Environmental Law: A Traffic EIS

By: Linda K. Breggin

Initiatives Tee Up Sustainability on Golf Courses Throughout the Country.

By: Ethan Shenkman

Guidance on the Administration's Two Executive Orders on Guidance.

By: Richard Lazarus

In Covering the Judiciary, I Most Recall Some Truly Great Lawyers.

By: Bruce Rich

Is Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable or a Pernicious Myth?

By: Joseph E. Aldy

Managing the Environmental and Cost Uncertainties in Pricing Carbon.

By: Stephen R. Dujack

Okay Boomer: Young Adults and the Climate Future They Face.

By: Oliver A. Houck

Oliver Houck on History's Great Unknown Environmentalist.

By: Anna Beeman

Colleagues' new jobs, promotions, and achievements.

By: Anna Beeman

Patagonia's Founder and CEO Receive ELI Award.

By: Scott Fulton

50 years on, ELI goes back to its source.