The Debate: Thoughts on the Centennial Celebration

Adenike Adeyeye - California Public Utilities Commission
Cory Connolly - Michigan Clean Energy Leaders Project
Nathan C. Howe - McCarter & English LLP
Joel Reschly - Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Ariana Spawn - Oceana
Achinthi Vithanage - George Washington University Law School
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The Debate: Thoughts on the Centennial Celebration

The news concerning conditions on our planet a half century from now is grim, with the effects of climate change impacting the weather, with biodiversity collapse reducing genetic resources — but also perhaps with less pollution, more protected natural areas, and a society that has achieved a state of sustainability. To assay prospects for 2069, we invited a panel of six young professionals who may still be active at the ELI/NEPA 100th anniversary.