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The Debate: Commemorating the First Earth Day

The Debate: Commemorating the First Earth Day


Leslie Carothers - Environmental Law Institute, David J. Hayes - NYU Law School State Energy & Environmental Impact Center, Barry E. Hill - Vermont Law School, Rafe Pomerance - Woods Hole Research Center, Kathleen Rogers - Earth Day Network, Lynn Scarlett - The Nature Conservancy


The Debate

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Earth Day 1970 was a watershed event in U.S. history, creating a system of environmental protection along with a profession to advance it in government, industry, law firms, nonprofits, and universitites. This system has advanced in D.C., state capitals, and town halls. Meanwhile, new challenges — from climate change to biodiversity collapse — keep arising. A half century after the first Earth Day is a good time to ask how good the system of environmental protection is at addressing today’s challenges.