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ELR is an essential online research tool edited by attorneys that provides the most frequently cited analysis of environmental, sustainability, natural resources, energy, toxic tort, and land use law and policy.

Why choose ELR?

  • Over 40 years of research and analysis – Established at the beginning of the environmental law and policy movement, ELR is the one-stop shop for environmental professionals to find the most cutting-edge thinking and research, which is why ELR is the most often-cited environmental law journal.
  • Real-time access – ELR gives you the ability to track administrative and legislative developments as they are happening.
  • Ideal for all stakeholders – Users include federal and state government attorneys and managers, the public interest community, private sector, attorneys and professionals, federal and state courts, law school libraries, and educators.
  • Unbeatable price – ELR is priced thousands of dollars less than “comparable services,” and no other resource is as cost-effective.
  • Our new website – features improved navigation and industry-leading search functions to put the information you need at your fingertips.


  • Access to ELR ONLINE
  • Litigation is your source for full texts of over 10,000 judicial decisions, indexed by the volume year, by alphabetical listing, by Subject Matter Index, or by plaintiff-defendant name search. Current litigation includes all cases published in the current volume year and is continuously updated during the year.
  • Judicial is your source for both expert summaries and the full text of over 10,000 judicial decisions, an archive of everything published by ELR since its inception in 1971. Cases can be searched by date, court, docket number, volume year, alphabetical listing, subject matter, or keyword.
  • Administrative materials include our collection of EPA Environmental Appeals Board Decisions as well as EPA Administrative Law Judge decisions under RCRA, perfect for those researching hazardous waste law. In addition, our collection of Executive Orders details the presidents’ initiatives on environmental regulations. And coming soon, our Guidance & Policy collection comprises over 4,000 agency guidance documents indexed for easy searching.
  • Other features of ELR include:
    • Subject Matter Index breaks down the entire body of ELR information into precise subject categories, designed for focused research on relevant cases.
    • Cumulative Table of Cases catalogs ELR citations and procedure histories, and where applicable, citations to other reporting services.
    • Annual and Cumulative Bibliographies (available soon) identify pertinent journal articles and will no doubt strengthen your research.

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News & Analysis

ELR News & Analysis’ in-depth, highly-respected monthly journal covers pressing environmental topics in the legal practice and policyNews & Analysis domain. Benefits from your subscription include:

  • Online access to 40 years of archived research and commentaries from leading environmental professionals in the field.
  • Professionally edited by senior attorneys, articles offer insightful analysis across a broad spectrum of issues that are academically challenging and practice-relevant.
  • Each issue contains a must-read list of relevent articles in other journals for further research.
  • Keep up-to-date with brief summaries of key judicial, legislative, administrative and state-level activities.

Read sample articles of News & Analysis.

News & Analysis - $800.00  


ELR UpdateELR Update

ELR Weekly Update provides expert summaries thrice monthly of the most important federal and state judicial and administrative developments as well as federal legislative and international news. Subscribers also receive ELR Daily Update, our daily summary of federal administrative news. You will also gain access to over two years of Update archives.

Update - $800.00

China Update & India Update

ELR China Update and ELR India Update are quarterly newsletters reporting on environmental legal and policy developments relevant to people who manufacture in or source materials from those nations. Subscribe to one for $79, or get both for $149. ELR has temporarily suspended the publication of China Update and India Update.

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