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Thought Leaders in Tech, Environment, to Attend GreenTech 2019: Innovating Environmental Protection for the Future

September 2019

(Washington, D.C.): Technology is radically reshaping how things are powered, made, and moved. But how can we harness it in ways that protect or, better yet, improve our environment? On October 1-3, 2019, the Environmental Law Institute and collaborators will host GreenTech 2019 in Seattle, Washington, to explore innovative and transformative technologies and the unique opportunities and challenges they present to protecting the environment.

Policymakers, lawmakers, technologists, NGOs, and anyone interested in shaping the intersection between technology and our environment are strongly encouraged to attend this unique conference co-designed and sponsored by innovators from the tech sector, including Amazon, Intel, Google, Microsoft, First Solar, and BNSF. For details, visit https://www.greentechconference.org/.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How will emergent technologies change the way goods are made and moved, and how might advanced sensing/monitoring systems and predictive analytics contribute to how we measure the impact of making and moving those goods?
  • How can public policy encourage greater integration and system-level optimization of our energy systems?
  • What impacts do “e-services” such as cloud computing and blockchain have on our environment, and how can we reduce their energy and environmental footprints?
  • How can drones, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and other emerging technologies be used in the agricultural sector to protect and grow our global food supply, enhance the livelihood of farmers, and reduce harmful environmental impacts?
  • What are innovative businesses doing to close the circle in the circular economy, and what role do national and international legal frameworks play in enabling or constraining progress in this regard?

For the agenda and/or to register, visit: https://www.greentechconference.org/.