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The Environmental Law Institute is widely respected as “a nonpartisan organization specializing in legal analysis and not known for taking sides in political fights,” as the New York Times has noted. When members of the media, private bar, government, business, and public interest organizations seek expert information on environmental law and policy, they turn to ELI.

Unpacking the Bioeconomy: A Closer Look at What’s on the Market and What’s Coming

November 18, 2020

(Washington, DC): This week, thousands of people will convene (virtually) for the Global Bioeconomy Summit, a biennial event normally held in...

New Reports Offer Best Practices for Citizen Science Programs

November 16, 2020

(Washington, DC):  Citizen science—the gathering of data by non-professionals— is gaining traction as a tool in environmental protection. Citizen science is used to assess the impairment of...

Faced With a Changing Climate, New Report Links Inuit Food Sovereignty With Co-Management Strategies

October 12, 2020

(Washington, DC): From thinning ice to rising temperatures to unprecedented wildfires, the Arctic landscape is changing dramatically. Studies indicate that the Arctic is likely to be seasonally...

Cover Articles in The Environmental Forum on the Roberts Supreme Court Scorecard Its Environmental Record and Predict What Justice Ginsburg’s Death Means for the Future of Environmental Protection

October 2, 2020

(Washington, DC): When the U.S. Supreme Court begins its new term Monday morning, it will docket as usual a number of environmental cases—but more than the public generally realizes. That is...