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News and Press Releases

The Environmental Law Institute is widely respected as “a nonpartisan organization specializing in legal analysis and not known for taking sides in political fights,” as the New York Times has noted. When members of the media, private bar, government, business, and public interest organizations seek expert information on environmental law and policy, they turn to ELI.

New ELI Publication Finds States Lack Comprehensive Invasive Species Laws

September 12, 2002

Non-native species like the voracious snakehead fish, the tenacious glossy buckthorn tree, and the damaging zebra mussel, threaten the ecological integrity and biological diversity of our nation...

New ELI Publication Promotes Public Participation Around the World

August 26, 2002

An urgent need exists for global standards of public participation to promote sustainable development and protect basic human rights such as free speech, healthy living conditions, and access to...

ELI Names Pooja Seth Parikh as Director of India Program

August 20, 2002

The Environmental Law Institute® has promoted Pooja Seth Parikh to Director of its India Program. Parikh has served as the Deputy Director of the India Program for the past year.


New Book Assesses U.S. Efforts on Sustainable Development

August 1, 2002

At a time when major questions are being asked all across the political spectrum about the state of the nation’s and the world’s environment, the Environmental Law Institute®...

States Make Conservation Dollars Go Further

July 7, 2002

The Environmental Law Institute® has just released a report showing that states can link their investments in open space with practical measures to shape community growth and economic...