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Making a Difference: ELI Research in Action

ELI has a proud record of accomplishment in environmental protection. We have:

Trained over 50,000 lawyers and managers as well as 2000 judges from 25 countries in basic and advanced environmental law and practice. Graduates of ELI's Judicial Education programs are working on environmental problems all over the world.

Educated and informed the public on Gulf of Mexico restoration and recovery processes. Since 2010, ELI has engaged in broad-based efforts to educate Gulf communities and the public about the restoration and recovery process initiated following Deepwater Horizon disaster. Through a series of workshops and other events, easily accessible materials, and a dedicated website, ELI works to equip Gulf communities to decide whether, when, and how to participate in the ongoing recovery efforts.

Developed legal tools necessary for adapting to climate change in the Mexican state of Chiapas. ELI has been working to build community capacity to adapt to climate change and to conserve the treasured Lacandon tropical Rain Forest by teaching farmers how to respond to climate change by identifying threats to their livelihoods and to the rain forest ecosystems.

Published a series of books on post-conflict natural resource management and created a web platform devoted to the topic. The six edited books include over 150 case studies and other analyses from over 60 conflict-affected countries and territories, written by 225 researchers, practitioners, and decision makers from around the world. The web platform, Environmental Peacebuilding, allows growing global community of researchers, practitioners, and decision makers in sharing experiences and lessons from managing natural resources in conflict-affected settings, accessing new research on the topic, and participating in events to support the growing network of professionals active in environmental peacebuilding.

Defended sound wetlands law and policy and worked with federal and state government to recognize citizen leadership in wetlands protection. ELI’s work supported maintaining broad federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act and a strong federal-state partnership in protecting critical wetland resources. Since 1989, ELI has sponsored the National Wetlands Award Program with five U.S. agencies.

Helped develop state healthy schools policies. ELI’s innovative research has informed state laws and programs around the country. In Connecticut, ELI’s work provided policy options for writing the state’s new law to improve indoor air quality in schools.

Helped develop biodiversity coalitions in Delaware, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio and New Hampshire working to adopt new programs to protect and restore biodiversity in their states. Recent ELI publications educate the public on ways to halt the spread of non-native invasive species, a major threat to biodiversity.

Strengthened the legal and policy framework for cleanup and reuse of contaminated sites — brownfields. ELI has surveyed state cleanup programs; sponsored conferences with all stakeholders; and developed policies for long-term management of sites. ELI’s work was used to develop recommended uniform state laws on institutional controls for such properties.


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