Leadership Council

The ELI Leadership Council is the Institute’s group for the most prominent environment, energy, and natural resource leaders in the nation. The Council recognizes leaders for their commitment of resources and time to the Institute’s vision of a healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities founded on the rule of law. 

Members participate in a series of events and have a chance to network and engage other leaders in discussions about key environmental law and policy issues.

Members are the leading supporters of ELI, each having made an annual gift of $5,000 or more. Members are listed in a custom-made showcase in the Institute’s headquarters and on the website.

Leadership Council Steering Committee

Chair: Kathy B. Robb
Loyti Cheng
Amy L. Edwards
Adeeb R. Fadil
Joel M. Gross
Laurence S. Kirsch
Christopher Locke
Bradley M. Marten
Donald W. Stever

Leadership Council Members

Kathleen Barrón
Donald Baur
Tommy Beaudreau
Lynn Bergeson
Ken Berlin
J. Tom Boer
Lisa Bromberg
Laurie Burt
Leslie Carothers
Ruth Ann Castro
Lily N. Chinn
Renee Cipriano
Nadira Clarke
Jeanne Cohn-Connor
James H. (Jim) Colopy
John C. Cruden
Paul A. Davies
Catharine De Lacy
Beth Deane
Julie Domike
Mason Emnett
David R. Erickson
Albert M. Ferlo
Scott Fulton
J. William Futrell
Avi Garbow
Michael Gerrard
Pamela Giblin
Michael Goodstein
Jeffrey Gracer
E. Lynn Grayson
Carol Green
David P. Hackett
Paul E. Hagen
Ridgway M. Hall, Jr.
Robert L. (Buzz) Hines
Alan B. Horowitz
Charles Howland
Brian D. Israel
William Jackson
Rachel Jacobson
Scott Janoe
Michael C. Kavanaugh
Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming
Robert C. Kirsch
Daniel Krainin
Adam M. Kushner
Elliott P. Laws
Stanley Legro
John Lovenburg
Raymond Ludwiszewski
Jane C. Luxton
Michael Mahoney
Elizabeth Malone
Martha E. Marrapese
Roger R. Martella, Jr.
Craig Mathews
Keith Matthews
William H. Meadows
David Menotti
Thomas H. Milch
Stacey H. Mitchell
Tom Mounteer
Grant Nakayama
Peggy Otum
Robert V. Percival
Kevin Poloncarz
Judith M. Praitis
Davina Pujari
Stephen Rahaim
William Rawson
Martha L. Rees
Christopher Reynolds
Kenneth Rivlin
Nicholas Robinson
Shailesh Sahay
John P. & Virginia B. Sall
Deborah Schmall
Janice M. Schneider
Ethan Shenkman
Lucinda Starrett
Margaret N. Strand
Edward L. Strohbehn Jr.
Robert M. Sussman
William L. Thomas
Kathryn Thomson
Hilary Tompkins
Michael Traynor
Jon K. Wactor
Fred R. Wagner
Wei "Kevin" Wei
Benjamin Wilson
Hongjun Zhang

Through the ELI Leadership Council, the Institute also recognizes individual donors at five cumulative giving levels:

View our Leadership Council brochure.


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For more information on the ELI Leadership Council, please contact Melodie DeMulling at 202/939-3808.


ELI does not undertake the sale, rental or exchange of donor names. ELI does not disclose privileged or confidential donor information to unauthorized parties. All donor information created by, or on behalf of, ELI is the property of ELI and shall not be transferred or utilized except on behalf of ELI. This policy applies to all donations, whether made online or by cash, check, in-kind donation or stock transfer.