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Innovation Lab Projects

Cards Against Calamity

Promoting public understanding of coastal resilience with a Video Game, Cards against Calamity. Play here: https://cards-against-calamity.org.

Future Bioengineered Products

Helping policy makers, the public, NGO's, and other stakeholders explore future biotechnology products and applications. Visit the inventory at: https://www.futurebioengineeredproducts.org.

Pollinator Hot Shot Crews

Working with the EPA’s Office of Research and Development to characterize the citizen science activities and roles of state, tribal and local environmental agencies. The research report will be released in the fall of 2020. Should you have any questions, please contact us at citizenscience@eli.org.

GreenTech Conference

An annual leadership conference on rapid technological change and environmental protection. Learn about pioneering tech applications; debate the social, economic, and policy challenges and opportunities; and lead a new path for the future of the planet. For more information go to: https://www.greentechconference.org/ or contact us at greentech@eli.org.

Research Projects

Supporting research to better understand the energy and environmental impacts of the digital economy, including artificial Intelligence, blockchains, and sharing platforms. Learn about our 8 research projects here: https://www.digitalenergyenvironment.org/.

blockchain graphic

Want to know more about blockchain and its industry-wide applications? The ELI Innovation Lab has developed an online global inventory of blockchain uses, types and market status of applications. Visit https://www.digitalenergyenvironment.org/resources/blockchain/ to learn more.

Featuring stories of Environmental Disruptors through a podcast series. Listen here: https://www.eli.org/podcasts/conversations-with-environmental-disruptors.