January 14, 2021

Entrepreneurs and startup companies may have a wealth of creativity, energy, and determination, but they often lack the one thing necessary to bring their ideas to fruition — capital.  As a result, some are turning to larger companies to help fund the work. How can we increase and improve collaboration between large corporations and start-ups to accelerate innovation? At this webinar, moderated by Nicole Systrom, founder of Sutro Energy Group, learn from entrepreneurs who have successfully used corporate collaboration to further their companies as well as from those in the corporate world who have helped shaped these financial arrangements. Some topics to be discussed include direct finance, joint development projects, IP negotiation, and more.

Nicole Systrom
, Founder, Sutro Energy Group (moderator)
Liz Ramsay Dalton, Vice President of Strategy, Powerhouse
Nikhil B. Gargeya, Partnership Manger, Activate
Brandon Middaugh, Director, Climate Innovation Fund at Microsoft Sustainability

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