September 17, 2020

The Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group was pleased to convene this important national and international forum. We were especially pleased to partner with The George Washington  University Law School, Environmental Law Institute, The George Washington University Environmental & Energy Management Institute and others.

This year’s Symposium is being conducted in two parts due to COVID-19: Part 1 is being conducted as a virtual event on September 17, 2020; and Part 2 will be conducted as an in person event at The George Washington University Law School in Fall 2021.

Natural Resources at a Crossroads: How 2020 Has Affected Natural Resources Law and Policy and Highlighted the Importance of Public/Private Collaborations to Advance Shared Objectives

For a complete agenda and list of speakers, go HERE.

Topics Include:

  • Keynote Address: Post-COVID Strategies – A New Era for Natural Resource Issues in the US and Worldwide

  • 2020 is the Year of Change – Why We Need a New Way of Doing Things

  • Advancing Common Objectives and Projects -- Continuing the Multi-Stakeholder Discussion

  • Continuing the Discussion in Part 2 of the Symposium Program -- Next Steps and 2021 Plans

See the complete agenda HERE.