March 9, 2018 - March 10, 2018

Co-sponsored by ELI and others, the Environmental and Energy Society of Tulane University Law School will proudly host the 23rd annual Summit to bring together professionals and the public on current and pressing environmental and legal policy issues. This year, the conference will include nearly 20 panels on a wide range of environmental issues with nearly 70 speakers and moderators participating in the event. Our local, national, and international speakers will represent strong voices from business, legal, and scientific backgrounds. The aim is to include many different voices of the community to participate in a thoughtful discussion about what the current environmental issues are and how they should best be addressed. In past years, the Summit has won the American Bar Association’s award for the Law Student Environment, Energy, and Resources Program of the Year.

In addition to keynote addresses, the event's panels will include:

Louisiana & The Gulf Coast: Climate Change

  • Urban Landscapes, Planning, & Municipal Water Management
  • Environmental Justice in Louisiana
  • Cognitive Dissonance: Climate Change Denial & The Adequacy of the Louisiana Master Plan
  • Aquaculture: Lobsters, Oysters, & Shrimp, Oh My!
  • Food System Justice and Sustainability
  • Indigenous Tribes & Human Rights in Louisiana and Alaska

New Frontiers in Energy

  • The Future (Collapse) of the Electric Grid
  • Renewable Energy: Finance and Development
  • Liquid Natural Gas & Carbon Sequestration: A Pipe Dream?
  • Arctic Law: The Next Frontier
  • Mal Adaptations & Mitigations

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Sonic Sea: The Impact of Sound Pollution of the Marine Environment
  • Wild Life: Animals in Captivity
  • Tangential Impacts of Climate Change: Political Action, Mass Migration, International Security
  • Climate Change Litigation
  • Public Lands: National Parks, New Orleans Monuments, and Private Ownership
  • An Update on the Endangered Species Act: New Threats & Victories

Legal Profession & Ethics

  • Mindfulness for Lawyers
  • Recent Developments in Legal Ethics