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Resolved: EPA and states can regulate emissions outside the facility fenceline under Clean Air Act Section 111(an ELI Professional Practice Seminar)


February 20, 2014


Washington, DC (and via teleconference)

An ELI Professional Practice Seminar

Whether U.S. EPA and states can regulate emissions outside the facility fenceline is a critical factor in shaping the regulatory response to climate change using Clean Air Act Section 111. There has been much rhetoric about the ability of states and EPA to create regulatory tools such as a emissions trading of greenhouse gasses, but policy experts and professionals need a more definitive answer.

To address this topic, ELI held its second seminar in a debate format. Loosely following an academic debate structure, two expert teams argued the resolution, asked questions of the other side, and identified points of agreement and disagreement. Following the debate, the discussion was open to audience questions. We hope this format helped to crystallize issues and separate fact from rhetoric.

Megan Ceronsky, Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund
David Doniger, Policy Director, Climate & Clean Air Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

Jeffrey R. Holmstead, Director, Environmental Strategies Group, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP
Scott H. Segal, Director, Policy Resolution Group, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP