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Monthly Climate Change Briefing: July 2017


July 10, 2017



Staying on top of the legal and policy developments in the climate change arena is no small task. As a special service to our members, the Environmental Law Institute provides a series of monthly conference calls with national experts on climate law and policy to keep you up to date and to answer your questions.


Topics to be addressed in this month's call:

  • Regulatory developments at EPA and DOI.
  • Decision in the Murray Energy case about coal jobs analysis.
  • The Murkowski-Cantwell energy bill: what it does and doesn't do.
  • California Supreme Court's rejection of the appeal of the decision upholding the AB 32 cap and trade program.
  • States and local governments continue to show leadership on climate change and commitment to the Paris agreement, with attorneys general from 18 states and DC pledging continued support for the agreement and US mayors proposing an initiative to reach 100% clean energy by 2035.
  • States are taking or threatening legal action against the Trump Administration in response to a number of delays and potential rollbacks of rules and standards relating to energy efficiency, vehicle emissions, and methane and other pollutants.
  • California's cap and trade program will continue with auctions, as the state's Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a lawsuit challenging that program as an unconstitutional tax.
  • Florida will expand tax incentives for rooftop solar to commercial and industrial buildings in addition to residential.
  • Washington, DC and Hawaii established new climate commissions to inform city and state efforts to improve resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • California published its draft update to its Safeguarding California adaptation strategy in May.

Michael B. Gerrard, Professor, Columbia Law School; Director, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Manik Roy, Consultant [formerly, ClimateWorks Foundation]
Robert Sussman, Principal, Sussman & Associates
Kate Zyla, Deputy Director, Climate Center, Georgetown University

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