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Marine Spatial Planning Legislation: A Guide to Leveraging the Law for Better Marine Management and Protection


December 10, 2020



An ELI Webinar

Countries are increasingly turning to marine spatial planning as a comprehensive management tool to better manage and benefit from their ocean environment, while still maintaining ocean health for long-lasting sustainability. A wealth of literature describes the importance of marine spatial planning as a whole, but little attention has been paid to how countries can give their marine spatial planning initiatives the force of law.

This webinar, therefore, is for legal drafters and policy makers who have been asked to “draft a marine spatial planning law.” Guest speakers will share their direct experiences developing marine spatial planning processes and legislation. Presentations will be followed by a discussion with the webinar’s participants.

The webinar draws from Designing Marine Spatial Planning Legislation for Implementation: A Guide for Legal Drafters. This Guide contains detailed and comprehensive information about essential components of marine spatial planning legislation. It also provides examples, drawn from existing legislation and real-world experiences, to illustrate how legislative or regulatory language can address each component. This Blue Prosperity Coalition Guide was funded by the Waitt Foundation and developed by the Environmental Law Institute and Animals | Environment PLLC.