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Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management: A Foundation for Corporate Compliance Assurance & Sustainability (an ELI Professional Practice Seminar)


June 11, 2014


Washington, DC (and via teleconference)

An ELI Professional Practice Seminar

While many companies are rightly focusing on sustainability, some do not adequately prioritize environment, health and safety (EHS) management, which is critical for achieving and maintaining compliance and strong EHS performance. Even when companies have EHS management systems, they may only exist on paper rather than being integrated into corporate culture, or may not share equal priority with other key compliance objectives.

A credible, robust EHS management system with top-down and bottom-up support is required to integrate EHS into operations and can prevent EHS incidents, high-stakes enforcement issues, and reputational damage.

Top EHS experts briefed our audience on the importance of:

  • Managing risk (e.g., change management, and appropriate maintenance);
  • Integrating EHS management systems into a company’s culture; and
  • Ensuring that sustainability goals and EHS management systems work together to drive compliance and manage performance.

The seminar provided greater knowledge of:

  • How to integrate an EHS management system into corporate culture for optimal performance, full compliance, and a positive triple bottom line;
  • Achieving a compliance culture – “Do the Right Thing;” and
  • How agency enforcement officials can ensure that corporate EHS programs are meaningful and effective governance tools.

Frank B. Friedman, Author of ELI’s Practical Guide to Environmental Management, now in its 11th edition; and President, Frank B. Friedman & Associates, LLC (moderator)
Alan B. Horowitz, Vice President, Operations Compliance & Global Safety, Health & Environment, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals
Andrew R. Stewart
, Acting Director, Special Litigation and Projects Division, Office of Civil Enforcement/Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jean Sweeney, Vice President, Environmental, Health, & Safety Operations, 3M
James K. Vines, EHS Management System Specialist & Partner, King & Spalding

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