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Blueprint for Change: New Approaches and Needed Changes to Managing Natural Resource Risks, Liabilities and Opportunities


October 24, 2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm


The George Washington University
Science and Engineering Hall
800 22nd Street, NW (map)

Washington, DC


Please go HERE to register or for more information. This event is open to the public but there is a modest registration fee for some attendees.

  • All times noted are Eastern Time. There is no CLE for this course.

The Environmental Law Institute is pleased to be a cooperating sponsor of this Workshop along with The George Washington University Environmental and Energy Management Institute and the Ad-Hoc Industry Natural Resource Management Group.

Please go to the event site HERE to view the agenda and/or to register.

The Workshop will explore what government and business can do now (potential quick victories) to cost-effectively preserve, develop and restore natural resources in the Trump Administration era and beyond. The Workshop will look at current influencers (risk, climate policy, regulatory reform, other) and current underpinnings of practice (legal, regulatory, methodological, other) of natural resource-related matters of interest to companies and other stakeholders -- now and moving forward -- as we collectively examine needed changes to result in the most effective practice possible.

Objectives and Outcomes
The Workshop will also look at the some outside-the-box approaches in both public and private sectors aimed at maximizing benefits, minimizing costs and effectuating actions that can be swiftly and holistically implemented and meet or exceed programmatic or other objectives. The Workshop will result in a targeted set of actions – both outside and inside statutory and regulatory paradigms -- especially those that can be accomplished now or soon. The Workshop will entail thought-provoking presentations and opportunity for highly interactive audience exchange.

Who Should Attend
Representatives of industry and government, attorneys, consultants, academics in a variety of disciplines, persons working in think tanks and public and private sector research and conservation organizations will find this Workshop well worth their time as we develop our collective Blueprint for Change.